Lisa Knoop

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I find daily inspiration in the colors and shifting light I encounter in the world around me. I am interested in creating a sense of space and a feeling of something beyond the physical into other realms.

These moodscapes are inspired by observations of the relationship between water and air. Living in San Francisco I am surrounded by an atmosphere of beautiful colors and light created by the closeness to so much water. My intention is to create a sense of calm expansion; a mood that expands inside the viewer, creating a space for reflection and intimacy.

My painting process is a meditative act of layering the surface to create a tone with depth. Initially multiple layers of white are sanded and repainted before I begin applying any color. As the layers of paint are added I incorporate glazes of varying colors within the same tonal range. The palette of each piece is influenced by the mood I am interested in exploring. The result may be a recognizable place or it may be something only recognizable in an abstract sense.