Larraine Seiden

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Group Affiliation: General's Residence at Fort Mason

I use the language of textile arts which has traditionally marked the tension of creating time and space in women’s lives. My work comes directly out of the chaos of contemporary life--in the found spaces between juggling young children, teaching jobs, stacked chores, and an iPhone. My art practice is my meditation, through which I seek moments of transcendence against the intense chatter of this moment.

Like a quilter’s piecing of fabric scraps, I collage together domestically gathered paper ephemera. Through these forms I harness the rhythms of interruption and constraint into something whole and sublime.

By building up layers of color around the collage, I explore the emotionally-charged nature of time and memory. I push the paint past control and let the colors pool and blend. Then I scrape and scratch through the layers, not knowing exactly what will be revealed and therefore remembered.