Kim Jensen

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Neighborhood: Mission

Mosaic artist Kim Jensen creates one of kind mosaics that embody color, texture, organic shapes and contain found objects. She strives to create art that is approachable and unpretentious that people from all walks of life can connect to. Mosaics is the medium she is obsessed with, so much so that she wanted to wear one! Currently she is playing with the juxtaposition of nature and man-made objects. As a practicing artist and high school art teacher, she strongly believes in the power of artistic expression to transform individuals and communities.

She has been commissioned to create architectural installations and murals, and has shown her work throughout California in a variety of artistic spaces such as Little Mama Art Cafe, Gallery 25, Urban Bazaar, MOCHA (Museum of Children's Art) to name a few. She first began working in the medium when she was just 17 after being inspired by a book on mosaics. Soon after, she began teaching herself how to make mosaics through trial and error in her bedroom. The fascination and obsession with mosaics continued in her higher education. She earned a degree from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in sculpture where she also received her teaching credential. In the summer 2015 she had the honor to study in the birth place of mosaics Ravenna, Italy at The Mosaic Art School to further deepen her understanding of ancient mosaic techniques.

Kim has been teaching in San Francisco arts charter schools since 2006 and was a 2015 National Artist Teacher Fellow. Kim is committed to mentoring students to become independent, assertive and cultured adults. She believes that being an active artist is essential to being an effective art teacher and community member. Kim’s commitment to arts education extends beyond her school walls. She has conducted countless guest lessons at other schools in the Bay Area and has also collaborated on three different projects at Bel Aire Elementary in Tiburon, Ca. More recently in 2017 Kim designed and oversaw an award-winning 47 step staircase in Kenny Alley located in San Francisco, CA. Through art education, Kim hopes to instill confidence in her students ability to view themselves as empowered creators artistically and individually and help them connect to their community and the diversity of culture around the world.