Kevin Harlan Lewis

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Drawing and painting create joy in my life. I was for many years miserable and missing a necessary part of myself. Two years ago I started drawing on my iPad. Digital drawings were my primary, almost exclusive, output for nearly a year and a half. That time of cost-free experimentation was my art school.

When I built up enough self-confidence I turned back to a paper sketchbook and then this April bought paints and brushes and canvases and learned that I was actually pretty good at something I wasn’t sure I could do at all. In the past seven months I’ve created six or seven pieces of art — that is, about that number (out of nearly 30 total) evoke a significant emotional response from viewers and are whole, they include all the elements needed to stand as a complete statement as they are. I may judge too harshly — some of the others are very pretty and I’ve only harmed maybe two canvases outright. But most importantly I have learned from each one. Every work has improved my ability to see what I perceive to be the truth of this world and communicate those visions through pigment and binders. This has completed my life so that I wish everyone could feel the satisfaction I get from successfully applying paint to an overly-thick coating of imperfect gesso. I’m excited to share my experiences and the creative unconscious I’m so blessed to access.