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Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
Group Affiliation: sfclayworks

In Kindergarten we were only allowed one sheet of paper a week at the easel. I took my time putting in as much detail as possible to stretch out the pleasure of painting. A self-portrait, arms out wide with eleven fingers on each hand.
The touch and feel of creating followed me throughout the years. Textiles and ceramics are hands on processes. Seeing the imprint of the artist’s thought coming to life excites me.
Looking at the past, the present and towards the future of my work, I have realized how important it is to listen to the clay- what does it want to become. Clay drops from the bag, squared up and already leaning towards a form.
I am not easy with it, shaping with muscle and power, but always paying attention. Stretching out the life that it tells me it wants to live. Smooth and rough, my fingers push gently, yet firmly, to guide the lines, form the curves.
When do I stop? When the clay and my heart say so. Life has begun. The pot is ready.
Today’s pots still hold the beating heart of my creativity.
(The Kinder painting won a prize at the 1963 Laguna Beach Festival of Arts.)