Johane Amirault


I paint to express my love for my children, family and friends, to express my excitement for life and its abundance.  I paint to express my happiness and my sorrows. 
I paint intuitively, but every painting has a story; a story that overflows with emotions. One day I paint flowers blooming and dancing for my mother, for a sick friend who has cancer, or sometimes just to say hello to a stranger! Another day, I paint the ocean, its extreme beauty and complexity, its abundance and its harmony.  And when I paint the figure, I ponder on who we are; I ponder on our complex emotions.
In the process of painting intuitively, I venture into a world of extraordinary discoveries, and one of these discoveries is whatever my feelings of the moment are, happiness or sorrow, I paint vibrant and colorful paintings full of life and excitement!  How can this be?  I choose to surrender to the process, and secretly dare to believe that perhaps I am meant to send all this creative energy to the world, to heal and to inspire.  Silently, this energy will ripple just like the flapping of a butterfly’ wings from far away.
Johane Amirault, 
Contemporary Artist