J L King

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Neighborhood: SOMA
Group Affiliation: Arc Studios & Gallery

My artwork depicts scenes and images that I envision, much like thumbing through the pages of a picture book. Any quiet, lulling moment may give rise to the many scenes captured in my sketchbook, awaiting their place on a canvas.

I blend elements of surrealism with trompe l'ceil techniques. I draw inspiration from many sources such as current topics, science, the nuances of simple mundane objects, and even interesting words and phrases.

My current series exhibits a blend of realistic imagery in surreal settings that I have titled “Trompe L’Esprit”; meaning “Trick the Mind”. I imagine my art interacting with me and communicating just enough information to interpret a personal message or narration. Connecting the images during and after completion of a piece is a primary focus of my art, like riddles to be solved of which the solutions are unique to each individual. Through my art, I provoke curiosity, introspection and speculation with a touch of levity.

-Jennifer L. King