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Jesus Zamarrón is a graphic artist whose work has been presented in different media: web, television, video, print, as well as art galleries. He has exhibited his work both in Spain, the United States and Northern Europe. He was invited to participate in the annual contest at the prestigious “New Langton Arts” gallery in 1995, after he had just arrived to San Francisco. His early work had been featured in several collective shows at Facultad de Bellas Artes of Madrid (Painting and Audiovisual Media), where he graduated in 1994. He has worked with Madrid’s Galería Gaudí on shows for international festivals. He was invited by the Spanish Consulate of San Francisco to represent Spain with his paintings at the emblematic Palace of Fine Arts. He has shown his art in group shows at the prestigious 111 Minna Gallery and Roll Up Gallery. He has participated in many Open Studios organized by SF ARTS SPAN, having a sold out show at Fort Mason Center, in 2010. He has curated art group shows in his own studio gallery: ARTS ON 9TH, and has gather quite a big roster of international artists through the years. In 2011 he curated “120 Anniversary Art Show” with 20 artists using different media, which was a big success in public and sales.

Currently, he alternates his work as an art educator at Holy Name of Jesus school with his professional activity as an artist. Day by day, he continues with his studies in art, he recently graduated with an MA, Masters of Art Education fo Academy of Art University. He has also studied multimedia and art in California, at the universities of San Francisco State and Berkeley, respectively.

"In my paintings I enjoy expressing spontaneity and randomness with color, this gives them a type of freedom and ease that contrasts the deeper voices of the subject matter, the story behind. So at the end my art is about life itself. A struggle between the jing and the jang, the laughter and the seriousness of being alive. I feel like I am a citizen of the world, like many spaniards now have to leave the country in look for a better life, and many people in these world have to do the same. My art is represented in aggressive and raw intense colors that I take from my native land, and the light of both countries where I have been fortunate to live, the Californian and Andalusian SUN. The red colors, the yellows and ocres of the Spanish landscape and spirit, just like the collective historical psyche of the Iberian population holds true to the “tragic sense of life”. I believe my art to be universal, and nomadic, as I feel like a gypsy painter at times. I am a california painter now, but me and my art are evolving and changing daily.

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J e s u s Z a m a r r o n

1988: “Drawings” Group Show, R.C. Alfonso XII, Escorial

1994: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting and audiovisual), Madrid

1990: “Group Exhibition” Fine Arts students against teachers' strike of Facultad de Bellas Artes, Madrid

1991: “Corridors’ Paintings in the Corridors” Collective Show at Fine Arts School, Facultad de Bellas Artes, Madrid

1993: “Concert Posters” Design and production for the Summer Courses of the Complutense University, Almeria

1992: “My Trip” Video-creation of 30 minutes. International Shows Video of Cadiz. Assistant director and production, Almeria

1992: “Video-creation” MSFERA 5 minutes. Video Festival, Canary Islands Official Selection, Assistant director and production. Postproduction: “Channel Si”, Almeria

1992: “Fast Paintings Competition” Collective Show, El Retiro Park, Madrid

1993: “Loop & Litany” Participation in the proposed Video-Installation of Egon Bunn, International Contemporary Art Fair: ARCO Madrid

1994: “Drawing Classes” Friday Live Model Sketching at legendary San Francisco Art Institute.
“The Ghosts of Dawn” Video-creation about a painting of the artist: Juan Jose Romero production assistant, along with PGC Almeria.
“Post Industrial Landscape” Production assistant in the exhibition: “A Mindful Geography-Marking Places” , “Seismic Farewell”. S.F.A.C. Gallery. San Francisco

1994: “Garden Show” Collective display in Menlo Park, California
“Zamarron” Solo Exhibition at Galerie 20 Central Hispano, Madrid

1995: “La Mirada Mestiza” Solo Exhibition, UAL University, Almeria
“Group Show” Art Explosion Gallery, San Francisco

1996: “Group Show” Internet & Art, San Francisco

1997: ¨Solo Exhibition” Javaholics Cafe Exhibition, San Francisco

“Digital Times” Colective Show at Multimedia Studies Program, SFSU

Formation of the creative group: “ON”,with Pepe Salmeron, San Francisco

1998: “Open Studios” Fulton Street Studio, San Francisco

1999: “Group Studio Show” Art Explosion Gallery, San Francisco

2000: “Open Studios” Fulton Street Studio, San Francisco

2001: “Mediterranean Painters Group Show” Fulton Street Studio, San Francisco

2002: “Open Studios” Arts on 9th, San Francisco

2003: “Group Studio Show” Art Explosion Gallery, San Francisco

2004: “M & M” Solo Exhibition, Roquetas de Mar, Almeria

2005: “Collective Show” Gallery Gaudi, Madrid

2006: “Lineart” International Fair, Galeria Gaudi, Madrid

2007: “Group Studio Show” Art Explosion Gallery, San Francisco

“Art Handler” Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco

Watercolors Class, Julio Visconti, Summer Courses at UAL University, Almeria

2008: “World Arts West” Painting selected for an auction at Palace of Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

“Open Studios” Arts on 9th, San Francisco

2009: “Group Show” 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco

“Show LULA”Painting and Drawing, Almeria

“Group Show” A Taste of South Beach Festival”, San Francisco

2010: “Group Show” Café International, San Francisco

“ARTSPAN Open Studios” Fort Mason, San Francisco

2011: “Wayfarer Art Exhibition” Roll Up Gallery, San Francisco

“120 Anniversary Show” ARTS ON 9TH, San Francisco

2012: "ARTSPAN Open Studios" ARTS ON 9TH, San Francisco

2013: "ARTSPAN Open Studios" ARTS ON 9TH, San Francisco

2014: “RESIDENCES” Roll Up Gallery, San Francisco

“Faces & Phases” Solo Show, Roll Up Gallery, San Francisco

2015: "ARTSPAN Open Studios" ARTS ON 9TH, San Francisco

2016: "ARTSPAN Open Studios" ARTS ON 9TH, San Francisco

2017: “¡Ole! Art Exhibition Special Spain by Daylighted, Phoenix Hotel., San Francisco

“Art Attack Cancer” Group Show Kids & Art Artfair, Art Attack Gallery, San Francisco

“ALLIES” Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco

"COLECCIÓN ISABEL CAPARRÓS" Group Show, Biblioteca Viva De Al-Andalus, Córdoba

“ARTSPAN Open Studios” Fort Mason, San Francisco

“CAMBIODEISMO” Group Show, Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid

"CO-CIVITAS" Group Show, White Lab Gallery, Madrid