Jerry Goldberg


The collection ranges from some done a few weeks ago to others done in the early 1990's. (Last century!) Every item contains an idea or illustrates a passionate commitment to something I have seen. Examples of the idea-based work include those with a visual reference to a time after the great flood. You can take that as a statement of my belief in global warming, and the great flood that might ensue, or as my version of what the world looked like after Noah launched the Arc! There are (sardonic) biblical reference in a couple of works, notably one called 'Expulsion', which depicts the four lead characters-Yaweh, Eve, Adam, and the serpent as I imagine them. My other side, my optimism is reflected in the many landscapes and gardens that are the subject of many of the works. I can't see a beautiful tree, or windblown shoreline, or flower without drawing them. I have for many years been admiring us--our faces, our bodies, and our fantastic ways of moving, and there is a small selection of drawings that I hope gives a sense of that. Since I am a retired urban designer and a passionate observer of the urban street, there are several city views, which are as much about how we live in the urban setting as about the setting itself. We can share the sidewalk, tne alley, and the park with our fellow human beings, and live to tell the tale!
I hope you enjoy the work.
I have.