Jayne Foster

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Neighborhood: Mission

My work is predominately about colour, texture and pattern. Each print is unique, and begins life as monotype which is overlayed using various hand techniques including collage, stenciling, hand painting, gold leaf and screen printing.
PORTRAITS This collection of work brings together abstracted female portraits which explore femininity, identity and the power of clothing to portray or camouflage different versions of oneself. There are hints of recognizable elements in each portrait; a suggestion of a face, some jewelry or semi identifiable aspects of clothing. Although abstract, each composition is grounded in a strong female form, giving each unknown portrait a beguiling, and individual sense of identity.
FLORAL The Floral Specimen collection explores abstracted floral forms and gives suggestions of certain flower types. This series is new to the collection and is building up through a series of individual stories.
ABSTRACT Through the exploration of different genres I am also developing new non-figurative, abstract works