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Hello my name is Jack Mattingly, I am 59 years old and I have lived in San Francisco since 1980. I manage property and am a interior house painter. I do not have any formal art training, art has always been a hobby for me. . I have created digital art and done silk screen and I have done a lot of painting.

This show is all new work created in the last year, it is all assemblage work that has a painted finish. Assemblage is collaging with objects. I use objects and paint to create what I hope are mini-events for people to attend. I like exploring the relationship that we have with objects, what makes an object of desire and the relationship objects have with other objects that might be interesting. I am fascinated at how one objects proximity to another object changes the context of each one.

My pieces start out with a particular idea that I want to explore, I look for objects that express that idea. Sometimes an object will inspire a piece of work. Using objects to create abstract works is also part of my show, I especially like discarded or used up objects, I love to recycle. Some of my best finds are amongst things people are trowing in the trash

The final steps always to cover the assemblage in paint. Paint transform the everyday objects turning them into something new and different giving the objects and the narratives a mysterious quality, the illusion that things are not quite what they seem.

Each piece takes its own sweet time, I have learned the wonderful weird art of listening and waiting and trusting for the right move to make, sometimes it happens fast but most time the pieces sit on the table for weeks or months moving forward only when the right ingredients are in place.