Nancy D. Brown

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(925) 864-6935

Neighborhood: East Bay

My art practice is an exploration – a discovery of value and meaning in an open-ended process that nonetheless thrives on limits. I'm intuitively drawn to certain materials, forms, colors and processes, even as I search for new ground to break and new problems to solve. Last year, responding to gallery closures and the social distancing requirements of Covid-19, I began creating temporary, site-specific, outdoor installations of hundreds of vibrant marker flags. I'm interested in how time and context transform matter and meaning.

I use found, recycled, and re-purposed materials in my assemblage and installations. My photographic images are often radically de-focused, indeterminate and liminal. I privilege "found” over “sought”, enigmatic over declarative, less over more. I work with a limited color palette and a limited number of materials, focusing instead on the dynamics of line and form, light and shadow. The grid is often an implied or explicit structure in my work as I explore the countervailing forces of order and disorder, entropy, and chaos.

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