Emily Huffman

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(415) 756-6760

Neighborhood: Fort Mason
Group Affiliation: General's Residence at Fort Mason

Emily Huffman is a Sausalito, California based painter and single Mama who creates vibrant original paintings and fine art prints. Emily has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tulane University in New Orleans. Originally from Florida, she calls the Bay Area home. Emily was a bodyworker and energy healer for a decade in private practice in San Francisco. This work contributed to the depth and mastery of her Art. Her pieces are in public and private collections across the world.

Artist Statement:

"My paintings are a pure expression of feminine energy. Abstract landscapes are inspired by the outer beauty of Mother Nature and the inner soul-scape. I begin with spontaneous action. The work evolves through time spent in relationship with it. I engage in playful, flowing, intuitive, genuine and decisive artistic conversation with the piece. The art arrives through applying paint and wiping it off, defining shapes, creating layered texture, dancing impressionist brush strokes across the canvas, and spending hours looking and instants seeing. Abstraction creates freedom to express feelings. I weave stories in by depicting representational objects, often through pencil drawing. Through paint, I speak in the Universal languages of color, light, and motion."

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