Elvira M. Dayel

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My preffered medium is dry pastel on paper, I am mastering and constantly challenging myself with it; I also paint.  I prefer to work in large scale or multiple surfaces at once: I always feel like there is not enought space on a piece of paper or canvas to "say & express" everything I want to.  
Instead of a full artist statement, which you can read on my website (www.elviradayel.com), I would like to capture a thought about one of the works presented in this portfolio: esrevinu travelers: She Is Bridge.  Here goes it:
A woman of landscape - She acts as a bridge.A bridge to a steep, deepCanyon - the way to escape & a way to connectTo view the abstracted & the city's landscape.She holds it together with her body, her flesh.She holds them together: the edges, the earth;She lays in the landscape relaxed yet steadfast.
For me, she is larger than I,For her, she is taller than sky,For them she is deeper than emerald, green, grey, blue & the high.