Elvira M. Dayel

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Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard
Group Affiliation: Hunters Point Shipyard

In the time of covid & socio-political recognition of societal shortcomings & unequal treatment of all human beings, we all seem to struggle for air - literally and figuratively. We are in a wrinkle of the crankle of the moment in time, we are changing and everything around us is changing. My work is always a reaction to the surrounding issues; it is my personal barometer on how I feel about things which take place in and around us. My work is never an answer to questions, but as any modern / contemporary art, it is an invitation for the viewer to "come in" and participate in braining needed passageways.

My preferred medium is soft / dry pastel on paper. I prefer to work in large scale and multiple surfaces at once. There is always a feeling as if there isn't enough space on the surface to express everything there is to say. Please, visit my website (www.elviradayel.art) for a full artist statement.