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Neighborhood: Mission

Born and raised in Great Basin Southern Idaho state. I'm a lover of nature, open spaces and small towns, as well as having a strong urban appreciation and outlook. I spent years in performance art, wearing several hats of that trade: actor, director, producer, designer, and playwright. In fine art: stage design, graphic design, digital art, photography and painting.

I focus on the overlooked: the peripheral fleeting moments racing by. I embrace the struggle for beauty and hope in our sometimes isolating world. I strive for results with insight, a spark that may promote some new or changed thought, a view that might trigger an emotional reaction or somehow rekindle some forgotten or closely harbored memory. But at times my works may aim at no more than simply teasing the aesthetic senses.

Still, simple images can evoke complex individual reactions: views peripherally overlooked might be newly refocused or re-framed for the viewer, ongoing story lines may be suggested, solitude sometimes comes into play, the awe of nature may be soulfully embraced, reflected broken light and shadow are mirrored back at and at times layered then assembled into a new meaning from out of a puzzling cacophony. Geometric shapes may be reassembled into unusual, but on closer examination, familiar compositions. All these epiphanies mosaic into an artistic kaleidoscope, revealing ‘mystery’ and occasionally shedding a subtle catharsis or “ah ha” moment in its wake.

When I paint, the underlying impulse is always spurred by some epiphany, which I am impelled to capture on canvas or panels, which are presented as a moment frozen in time. It does not always have to be understood to be experienced or even beneficial to the viewer. Hopefully my epiphanies come to the viewer in beauty; ideally it encourages some semblance of hope.

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