Derek James Lynch

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Neighborhood: Bayview

Derek Lynch
542 Thornton Ave 94124
My Botanicals:
The smell of green...Brings me closer to myself and makes me feel grounded. The botanical series has always given back to me, it gives me place, harmony and serenity. A walk in a park brings peace. My works from nature. begin with an exploration of foliage, finding plants and trees that will work in a composition of my creation. The samples collected are used for their texture and their fractal forms are revealed as I layer colors over each other to create a thick skin of paint.
The vast inbounding geography of the bay area and its diverse architecture has always fascinated me.
My city Landscapes: I began photographing the Bay area early upon moving from NYC in 1996. I am in love and fascinated with all the microclimates and how the different neighborhoods are so eclectic and diverse.
Habitat: I am creating new sense of habitat.
My photographs are the main source of my medium. I use my images to create a digital montage, to create a new sense of place. The paintings are acrylic on different surfaces and smaller works incorporate resin.