Deborah Howard-Page

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Initially inspired by a few photographs of wild birds in a U.K. newspaper, I felt compelled to paint them. I added ghostly images of tree branches, nests, holes, and old bird houses, to suggest progressively disappearing wildlife habitats.
I tried taking my own photographs, but quickly realized my equipment and I were not up to the task. So I began to search online for more images of birds, and then for other garden creatures (always, of course, first requesting permission from the photographers to use their images). The tiny caterpillar paintings are my current favorites.
These paintings are made using oil paints, pastels, and sometimes inks, over layers of encaustic (a technique using heated beeswax, which can contain pigments) on wood panels, plus a variety of found objects, gold leaf, glitter, old wallpaper, origami and other decorative papers, which are all embedded in the layers of wax. Wax lends an element of mystery to the images, which I find especially appealing.