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Neighborhood: Russian Hill
Group Affiliation: Pier 2, Fort Mason

I’m a multimedia artist who explores the subtle or overlooked connections in our lives. This evokes a tension in much of my work—death and resurrection, the piece vs. the whole, the beginning and the end. As an artist who sometimes devotes a year or more to one piece, my practice also grows out of a desire to be consumed by a bodily act that simultaneously takes me out of my body even as it reminds me how intimately and physically connected I am to the world, man-made or natural. I am as guilty as anyone of allowing too many things around me to go unnoticed, of forgetting to press up against the questions that confront me every day. Art gives me permission to look closer, to stick around much longer than seems polite and to eschew the quick and the glib. Natural, electronic and found materials usually present themselves to me first, nearly always unbidden, and as I explore the feeling any particular object evokes, an idea and eventual form for the piece slowly takes shape over weeks, months, even years. In this way, my work often feels time-based. The work also comes from a desire to engage with something deeper than the thin shell of life, and with something much wider than my current vision....an experience I hope to share with my viewers.

Prior to becoming an artist, I spent nearly two decades as an investigative reporter/writer and magazine editor. After stepping down as editor-in-chief of San Francisco magazine, I turned to writing fiction and making art. Even now, storytelling is at the core of what I create. My artwork has been in numerous group and solo shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.