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Neighborhood: Russian Hill
Group Affiliation: General's Residence at Fort Mason

I’m a multimedia artist and a fiction writer who originally trained as a seamstress. I combine these practices in order to explore the subtle or overlooked connections between different aspects of our lives. I work most often with natural materials, but frequently include electronic and found objects to heighten the tactile aspects of the work. My main interests are in relationships, systems, networks—both organic and man-made—and the way in which elements that seem to be fighting each other can emerge from a single element into a whole as well as how that dynamic might falter and break down over time. To track these processes and developments, I frequently use hand-sewing and other craft techniques, which can leave traces of spontaneous or uneven gestures as well as fumbles in the finished work. It's a reminder that even in this digital age our basic, moment-to-moment experiences don't have to be lost or smoothed over, that even mistakes are valuable evidence of human existence. My artwork has been in group and solo shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.