Cynthia Tom

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(415) 722-4296

1890 Bryant Street Studios
1890 Bryant Street Room #302
San Francisco, CA 94110

 Cynthia Tom uses visual art as a means to transform our souls. She is a visual mixed-media artist, painter and curator who likes to play with the accepted norm. As a cultural and feminist curator, she is dedicated to artistically integrating cultural roots and community needs to drive Social Change for women. She is the Founder | Curator | Executive Director of A PLACE of HER OWN: An Arts based Healing and Transformation Residency, in her 10th year as the Board President of AAWAA (Asian American Women Artists Association) and her work will be featured in the largest international surrealism exhibition to date. Portugal.

Magical Realism/Surrealism is the platform for her ideas to ruminate and take form, solutions discovered and rich color deeply informs her work. She creates dynamic art works and installations that reflect her passion for social justice for women and people of color, integrating the arts within the community to heal and transform.

Her paintings are meant to encourage women to own their power and for others to see them out of their traditional context. She believes we as artists have the power to educate deeply and create profound changes in how people perceive their communities, urging the call for social justice, like no other media can