Christie LaRussell

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I am a California artist who grew up on those beautiful Southern California beaches. I have also called the visually beautiful urban San Francisco home for many years. I feel at home from one end of this coast to the other and this is reflected in much of the subjects that I choose to paint.

Most of my paintings are in two bodies of work: “California Road Trip” and “San Franciscan Urban”. As I am not a realist painter, I look at every blank canvas as an experiment. As a painter I am interested in the abstraction of the familiar, what we pass everyday and take for granted. For me, it is never about an exact representation, it is always about the “what if” and the colors that “could be”. I also paint these with a “what is missing” perspective. They are of active places and yet? Windows are open, lights are on, and restaurant tables are set. And, yet, is there really anything going on or is it all just a mindless never ending “from here to there”?

Much of my ongoing work is an experiment in and for the love of color. In that pursuit, I also at times paint in pure color abstraction, which I find brings me full circle back to understanding my urban focus. I am not about having to do the same thing; I am about trying different things that I hope teach me to better look at what I love to paint, California.