Christopher Schramm

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Neighborhood: Cole Valley

In 2020 I had my painting "5 COPTERS" selected to take part in the DeYoung Open Exhibition, October 10th 2020 through January 3, 2021.. The exhibit was cut short by the pandemic surge, nevertheless the show was beautiful and exciting! The Bay Area has so many great artists and I felt humbled and honored to be part of this show with all of the other great artists!

My work is based on a few things, photos, visions and abstraction.  My photo based work uses images which are recognizable, WWII history, various armed conflicts through recent history, and some Family photos.  The visionary work is harder to describe as the work starts any number of ways but usually involves finding images while in process of painting create a narrative.  The abstract work does contain in it references to figure and landscape, but is not specific.  I paint these alongside each other with no need to favor one over the other, they seem to me to be related.