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Neighborhood: Potrero Hill


What does it feel like to live free of constraints–– to let our light shine while allowing others to do the same? My paintings show the interplay between shapes and colors inspired by a freedom of movement, gentleness, forgiveness, lightness of being and grace.

I’ve spent a lifetime contemplating where I fit in. My work explores the way forms interact with each other within the constraints they are given while also extending past their natural boundaries. I’m always looking for opportunities to soften the edges and expand.

These paintings reflect my journey to find a space to thrive together in boldness, shyness, matte, shiny, round, square, long, short, deep and iridescence.


All of my driftwood was collected on the California coastline from Santa Cruz to Sea Ranch. In honor of the unknown journey these pieces of wood have traveled, some are left to cure for years, some just months. Eventually they are sanded smooth to further enhance and embellish their found form. The next step is determining which colors and shapes are suited to each particular piece, wood type and grain pattern. Each driftwood piece has 5-20 layers of paint depending upon the color density desired. The rest of the wood is left bare so that it can continue to breathe in its final form.