Carlo Abruzzese

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Neighborhood: Mission
Group Affiliation: Developing Environments

I take quantitative information from the US Census and other public websites and create works of fine art. I explore pages of data that now fill the public realm relating to ethnic backgrounds, religion, immigration, geography and identity-- topics that define our modern world-- and recompose these statistics into visual form.
I use simple materials (acrylic paint, graphite pencils, rulers and drafting film) to create complex, information-rich art. My process is labor intensive. Instead of using a computer to generate layouts and designs, I sort through the numbers and graphs, collate information, sketch out designs, and then draft and paint. This allows me to digest the information; the final product not only accurately describes the quantities, but the qualities of the new ‘map’ I have created.
My background as an architect has greatly influenced how I approach art. An architect takes information and translates it into built form. The intent is to make a functional, beautiful object. My art uses this same process, creating images that evoke discourse and insight into the world around us.