Annie Tull

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(415) 481-2046

Rochelle Carr Studio & Gallery
1201 HOWARD ST APT A Room #Suite A

My primary interest in painting is the illumination of spirit. The interior landscape is such a rich but ill-defined and shadowy place, always shifting, full of surprises, and often quite scary in its intensity. Through my various self-care practices (such as silent meditation, movement practice like dance and yoga, and the act of painting) I am able to graciously acknowledge the monsters and call forth the angels that live among them. Each canvas presents a new aspect of the psyche that I've grappled with and sought to illuminate for others.

For me, the act of painting has always represented the most joyful and free state of being, but it has only been within the last three years, since I started practicing and exploring meditation and metaphysics, that I've been able to understand why.

In that time, I've developed an interest in understanding how our internal landscape affects our lived experiences. I understand my personhood as a point on a graph, with everything on one side of the graph extending within - to the internal realm of spirit - and the other side extending without - to the external realm of physical experience. It is the precarity of this point-relationship that fascinates me: the balance of living a physical life when so much of our reality is determined by the utterly non-physical: the truly abstract realms of mind and spirit.

I understand now that through the process of painting I am able to give that spirit energy a place in the physical world and that the joy and freedom I've long experienced as a byproduct of this process are the result of a harmonized interior and exterior life.