Oscar Boberg

artbyoscar's picture
Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
Group Affiliation: Journal Building

Oscar’s artistic journey began with the intent to create something beautiful. There was a lot of divisive rhetoric in society in early 2017, especially on social media, and the goal was to create something beautiful that could bring something positive. Which is why in the beginning, Oscar’s paintings were mainly posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As the years have gone by, the intent of the art has somewhat shifted. Instead of a focus on beauty, the intent is now to create connections, to evoke feelings, but also to make it fun. For a while he was using references to Star Wars in paintings of Bay Area landscapes. This development came from thinking about how the local environment might have influenced the making of these iconic films. With the advent of Covid, his focus shifted again, and animal portraits became a favorite subject. Animals have no concept of what covid is, nor do they understand what we might be stressing over. Constant curiosity drives Oscar to explore themes speak to him. As the current turmoil of the world rages, he seeks comfort in the faces of animals, and the fact that they know nothing of our strife.

Hopefully his work can inspire others, and bring some happiness, inspiration, and an escape from the turmoil that surrounds us..