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AOK is an artist in San Francisco's Mission District working on a new wave of highly energetic and expressive paintings!  The vivid colors and sharp geometric patterns break the viewers grip on reality and take them to a colorful dream state.  The forms and color combinations are meant to give the viewer a sense of energetic harmony and peaceful glee.  AOK was raised in rural Georgia and was inspired by folk art of the South before moving to Washington, DC and then San Francisco later in life.  The bold strokes and patterns underplay a tension for organic perfection and harmony amidst the looseness of the physical act of painting.  This can be seen in the attention to various textures and surfaces always apparent in these paintings, where brush strokes are often aggressive and assertive and bold pathways of color bleed over any confining edges.
Having spent time studying the paintings of the National Gallery of Art and within the galleries of Chelsea, New York, the cannon of American expressionistic paintings have deeply left their impression on this artist.  Major inspirations come from artists such as Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, Rothko, Basquiat, Larry Poons, Terry Winters, Ciao Fonseca, Mark Bradford, Thornton Willis, Alfred Jensen, Marsden Hartley, Thornton Dial, and many others.  AOK is currently a student of fine art at Academy of Art University.