Anne Morrison Rabe

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Neighborhood: East Bay

I look at the natural, mostly botanical, world — and what others might pass by — from an unusual perspective. I not only focus on the details of the subject matter, but of the negative space around it as well. I am most interested in organically occurring patterns and shapes; therefore, my photography verges on the abstract or painterly, an illustrative rather than literal medium. Using an iPhone and multiple applications, my method is truly mobile, bringing an immediacy to my work that allows me to chronicle and share my unique point of view. I utilize a number of different media and combinations thereof on which to reproduce my work, including aluminum, acrylic, wood, canvas and paper. The image dictates to me the surface materials I choose in order to create an organic whole. Recently, I have been experimenting with adding hand drawn elements to my photographic prints, bringing my illustration background back into play. You may just as often find me shooting my images in the floral department of my local grocery store as on hikes in the woods. I find creative inspiration everywhere and love the spontaneity of being able to use my phone to interpret my vision.