Angel Estacio

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Angel Estacio is a Queer-identifying woman of color who lives in the East Bay. Originally from the Philippines, she moved to the U.S. in 2010 at the age of 18. Although a casual drawer since her toddler days, her formal introduction to the world of art was through learning graphic design first. In 2012, while working as an editor for her college school paper, she fell in love with the intricate process of visual composition through print media design.

Her more current works are acrylic paintings and ink illustrations largely influenced by her relationship with spirituality, philosophy and science. Just like her life ideals, she wishes her creations to reflect authenticity, passion, methodology and perceptivity.

Angel has participated in a few exhibitions around the Bay Area since 2017, and aims to be more active in the art scene moving forward. Her goal is to be able to pass on her love for the arts to younger people, whom she hopes would utilize creativity in cultivating a much kinder world.