A Willetts

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 I have an impulse to touch things with my body. It is a simple desire for connection ­- with a forest, a body of water, a sheet of plastic, a lump of dough, my own child. Thinking through and with my body is vital to my work. I learn by tracing, holding, wrapping, tearing, eating, wrestling, mimicking, surrendering. Physical dialogues emerge as I agitate the boundary between self and Everything Else in a hungry attempt to collapse the distance between us. It is always a struggle, and I generally fail. But the desire for Entanglement persists.

I engage a variety of mediums to explore these Bodythoughts, including performance, video, drawing, and textiles. I am interested in open-ended, body-based inquiry. Phenomenology, questions of agency, and processes of becoming with* weave through my work, unrehearsed, as meanings emerge from the interactions of human and non-human matter. Also tangled into these impromptu get-togethers are the spirit of Buster Keaton, the work of motherhood, and my many struggles as the operator of a self-aggrandizing human mind. Luckily, my body doesn’t seem get the memos.