Alon Picker

NOV 11 & 12, 2017
Project Artaud
499 Alabama Street Room #110
San Francisco, CA 94110
Alon’s latest series “ Abstact Construct” is an homage to San Francisco, a celebration of the city’s beauty and it’s architecture from a unique vantage point. The buildings and skyline are abstracted by the layering of images creating patterns inside patterns. Monumental structures merged and transformed to a new interesting visual art. The photograghs are intricately detailed yet nearly painterly in effect. Alon’s work is mostly multiple exposures created in the camera, crefuly composed utilizing the subjects around him to capture something that does not exsist yet. The pallet for the final image is limited to the location and subjects photographed at that exact time which is used to create the final artwork. Several captures are taken on a single piece of film or digital media during the shoot. No photoshop is used in the layering of images. The final artwork is a reflection of the artistic experience at that place and time. This gives his viewer a complex visual experience that is both detailed and abstract. Alon Picker has been involved in fine art photography for Decades, his primary interests being landscape, natural abstraction, multiple exposure and portraits. For many years Alon’s work has focused on man-made, landscape and industrial subjects. Some of which are in ruins such as his ghost town pictures & the industrial wastelands of the bay area. There is a strange beauty found in these places. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute 1991, Alon was very fortunate to closely study with Hank Wessel, Larry Sultan, Regan louie and Jack Fulton. They influanced Alon’s drive to take photography to a higher level.