Ako Jacintho


When I do my art.....
I go into my space and I think freely, creating what comes forward, imaginging, a whirlwind, sometimes a memory .  Sometimes it's hard to translate it, but the process I call art is one of a practice of transparency and vulnerabilty.  Sometimes I become frustrated because I cannot draw or paint what I feel, so I write it.  It becomes me sometimes.  I create until it is so touching to me that it holds my attention... every time I look at it.  I know when I have practiced art when I feel from it.  I sometimes paint and write things that are pretty, but sometimes I don't.  I try not to help what I do, because in the process of creating art, I have come to understand the power of being in tune with myself, a total reflection, that centers me.  When I see the art of others, I am inspired by their stories, and draw connections to them and their creations, and look for a glimpse of that process. We all do it.
My work spans a gammit, and so does my life, so it is befitting that what I create varies. My art is heavily influenced by my work in addiction as a physician, by my cultural duality, sexuality and those experiences.  I draw from my life privilege as a person of color, my nebulous socioeconomic origin, my new found privlege, and my isolation from family and the experience of friends here in San Francisco.  I am member of the 3.9, which I draw upon for artistic direction and integrity. 
As an artist, there are two things very important to me right now. The first is to discover and donate my work to non-profit organizations that resonate for me, and the second is to help  artists in their drug addiction claim their identities as artists, draw power from it, as I have, and help them reach new heights.
Thank you for reading,
Ako Jacintho, May 2014