Adele Louise Shaw

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Neighborhood: Dogpatch
Group Affiliation: Noonan Building Pier 70

This year I'm excited to participate with two different projects for Open Studios in November.

The first will be at my studio at the Noonan Building. There, you'll see my paintings are influenced by the power and the subtleties of nature. I paint first with water colors, then with encaustic paint; layers of hot beeswax and pigment. I coerce these materials into paintings as a hot, drippy, excitable mess. Encaustic painting is an alchemical process of extreme versatility as wax changes quickly from a molten liquid to hard, solid matter quickly. Heat is used throughout the process to manipulate the wax and especially to fuse layers of wax together. In this way it's both additive and subtractive. Between the layers of wax the process is quite unpredictable inevitably making the outcome very exciting!

The second will be a large, immersive art installation located at the Internet Archive in the Richmond District. In a unique fusion of technology and gender, Second Bite: The Wisdom of the Apple is a large-scale immersive art installation showcasing women and female experiences from around the world and across time. In a compelling demonstration of beauty, power and meaning, women are celebrated for every age, culture and activity. This is not a sugar-coated recital, rather it is a compassionate and realistic exposé of female experience; raw, sweet, rough, humorous and tragic. Second Bite shows the human experience through the lens of women.

Inspired by the iconic logo of the bitten apple, Second Bite is an immersive multimedia masterpiece using nearly 60 Apple computers to present over 8,000 images to provide an intimate experience of eyes-open meditation.

I hope you'll join me!