Alexandra Cicorschi

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Neighborhood: Sunset

Growing up in Romania during the last years of its communist regime, some of my earliest memories are of my family’s repurposing, fixing and repairing household items. Replacing something that was broken was a luxury not many could afford. I understood early on that an object's story doesn’t need to end after its first life cycle has ended.

The majority of the wood I use in my work comes from local demolished houses and old furniture. As I strip layers of varnish and re-mill found objects, I aim to reveal the organic origins inside our urban surroundings. The strips I create become brushstrokes inside my wooden canvases. Colors and small movements inside wood grains influence large movements in the composition. Open angles guide the fluidity of lines, telling a story of perpetual movement and transformation. Continuity is at the base of creation because everything evolves from something. Where we decide to start our story is just the act of deciding what segment to focus on.