Michelle Bond

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Neighborhood: Sunset

I make art because I like the act of discovery. For every venture I make into the paper, I escape into this realm of the unknown… emerging in front of me . To discover what is beyond the mundane everyday life is Seductive, like an insatiable act of indulgence and consumption that quenches a thirst and desire. Discovering that the stories that touch me in real life, I can convey in some form of abstraction. Taking away what is real , yet painting what is true with colors, lines and forms. I realize that creating the imagery thru discovery ,adds to my growth as an artist and this is what drives me to Paint more and more each day. For me there is nothing more dynamic and exciting than the growth in a person’s life. As Picasso says” Nobody grows old in life, one only grows riper”.I have been hanging on this Life tree waiting to get ripe for a long time. Getting plumper and full of juices, I can exclaim my life thru black lines of ink painted on paper and explode them with the colors I choose to combine. Every line with emotion, every color with a distinct plan to move the viewer into awe or nought is pure happenstance at best. I do ART because Life is full of inspiration. For me , to discover that my Life can be the inspiration, no matter how sad, happy, unfortunate or lucky, I have truly grown into an artist who is comfortable with what LIFE gives and I paint them with my heart and mind like a child.