Tara Gonzalez

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Tara was born in CO and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. She holds a BA in Art Education. The colorful surroundings in her environment is an influence to her work. As well as her extensive background working with kids, which has developed her illustrative style. Her pieces are linked cohesively with recurring organic shape and saturated colors.

Tara's pieces draw the viewer into an evolving environment with a surreal undertone. Her most resent work is geared towards the idea of worshiping nature and evolution. She aims to paint animals with saint like qualities by giving them items of adornment. The animals are symbols of spirituality and a higher power. Each piece is created with the intent to engage viewers in a psychological restoration that occurs with our fascination with nature. Tara prefers hands on mediums and makes her work traditionally. She aspires to strengthen her skills in various mediums in a life long process and create pieces that engage viewers in a sense of serenity.