Soad A. Kader

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Neighborhood: Mission
SFOS 2020

I almost always want to be by the window. I love looking out - seeing and feeling different types of space, especially the change of perspective looking down, like when I am on a rooftop or in an airplane. The surprise, mystery, or wonder at what I am observing intrigues me, peaks my curiosity. It isn’t always important to know what it is I am looking at. I enjoy that time in between, the ambiguity and call to look more closely to delight in the details and abstract qualities. Noticing colors, textures, lines, shapes, character of light or movement allows me to wonder. With layered acrylic inks and marks and textures made with pen, pencil, paper I explore changing points of view to express that pleasure and learning we can take in the everyday experience of looking and seeing anew.

I grew up with my Egyptian Muslim father and with my Basque-Italian-American Catholic mother, first in Egypt, and then in California. The mix they created in coming together continues to inform my identity and influence my perspectives and explorations. I wanted to change my name to Susan when I was eight so I could blend in more easily on California soil. My parents said no; I am grateful. Learning to be proud of my mixed heritage and stand in all my color gives me a unique vantage point and hunger for varied perspectives and deeper understanding.

My formal painting education came from studying with artists including Wayne Thiebaud, Manuel Neri, Roland Peterson, Roy DeForest, Mike Henderson, David Hollowell, and Squeak Carnwath at the University of California, Davis, where I earned my degree in Art Studio. San Francisco, California, is the place I call home, a city that I adore, that feeds me well and that keeps me inspired to create and share.  Please write to me, [email protected], with any comments or questions about my work, including availability and prices, or to arrange for a studio visit. Keep up to date with my art related events by joining my StudioSoad mailing list. Thank you.