Seren Moran

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In the past, my work has always had a concept, a thought, a specific point of reference that I could say this is where it started. Most of the time, this was based in portraiture or architecture from places and people I had known.

I used my surroundings as my inspiration, as my explanation to viewers for why I paint, as if the physical urge to express myself and pour feelings onto canvas wasn’t enough. Overtime, the so-called inspirational imagery I was using became less and less identifiable in my work, as I began expanding further into abstraction.

I have now moved beyond this train of thought. I want to explore, and let the exploration be the process, and let the process be the art. It is the emotion and passion transcending a canvas that I find to be the most powerful, and perhaps the purpose if you will, of visual art. Viewing my work should be an emotional experience rather than an intellectual one.

So I’m going back to my artistic roots, focusing on allowing my subconscious to have a voice. I started out as a collage artist and collaged my way through childhood and adolescence. It wasn’t until college that I began painting. So my newest work is all about collaging. Collaging compositions and color combinations from anything and everything around me, including other artwork from amateur to expert, and reapplying them into my own abstractions, into my 'collaged paintings' for the lack of a better term.