Claudette Bleijenberg

Sculpture By Claudette's picture

The human figure inspires me! Its forms, strength, vulnerability, tenderness, and the way light dances across the contours to give continually changing shapes, angles, lines and mass. Capturing this ever changing landscape while simultaneously exploring the connection between the mind’s eye, the artist’s hands, and the live model creates unique experiences which feed my soul.

In beginning a piece, I must slowly get to know it.  I must allow the piece to reveal its story and its spirit to me.  As my hand and eye move over the contours of the form, I begin to feel how the piece is expressing its essence.  A piece will communicate its personal narrative of strength, vulnerability, power and liberation as I build the fullness of the lungs in an inhale, as I carve out the hollow in the nape of the neck, or as I shape the muscles of the back as it arches.  In this way I can become one with the piece. 

An architect by profession, with a love for dance and photography, the arts and three dimensional use of form through space have always been an integral part of my thought process. My primary medium for sculpting is clay working with live models. I have also worked with wax, hydrocal, cold cast bronze, plaster, cast paper, and mold making. Finishes often include cast bronze, acrylics with colored wax, glazes, stains, and raku.