Reza Alhosseini

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Neighborhood: Richmond

Painting is a perennial search and exploration of my every day life. I always start painting with a mood and concept. Then I think about how to create my desired atmosphere and which material helps me to best show it. It is like a warm friendly dialogue between me and my piece. At some point I let the painting it self dictates the next step. I believe that there is an inseparable chain between concept and technique and they should correspond to each other in a harmonious way. The process of creating paintings is the constant effort to find the clearest expression in this chosen medium. This effort of expression commences with the beginning of the idea. The concept illuminates for the artist the appropriate technique to be used and is unique to that concept. Art is a playground to expose the artist’s visions of beauty. That is why we have lots of variations in terms of artist’s styles. As the American painter Robert Henri said: “No material thing is beautiful. All is as beautiful as we think it.”