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Pam Borrelli, a San Francisco-based photographer, has been creating photographic images her entire life, a passion first discovered in childhood. Her later formal study of photography led Pam to a fortuitous meeting with acclaimed photographer, Ruth Bernhard, who became a mentor and encouraged her to pursue a deeper commitment to photography. Attending the San Francisco Art Institute and later earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, Pam expanded her skills and deepened her awareness of the power of image making, sharpening the drive to express herself artistically through photography.

“I am drawn to a wide variety of subjects that have at first glance a subtle, simple beauty. I find the artistic challenge in using the camera to capture and reveal often-unnoticed complexities of the subject, as I’m never certain of what details and secrets might be exposed. Each time I peer through the viewfinder I sense the near magical power the camera possesses, its capacity to surprise and deepen our awareness as it reveals new perspectives, even wonder, about the familiar.”

Professionally, Pam has participated in a number of juried exhibitions, where she has won recognition and awards for her work, and most recently from the Kellicutt International Photo Show. Her floral images are featured in the volume - “Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists”; Pam’s work may also be seen at SFWA Artists Gallery, an historic nonprofit arts organization, where she currently serves as the President of its Board of Directors. SFWA hosts monthly themed juried shows, featuring contemporary art , jewelry, ceramics, and fine glass art.
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