Nyya Lark

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Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard
Group Affiliation: Hunters Point Shipyard

Nature and contrasting combinations are the things that feed my imagination. I have been a metalsmithing artist creating wearable art since 1983.The passion began as an avocation while living in New York City, a city of striking contrasts. As I was inspired to create, using nature and metal as a medium, I discovered it to be a natural gift and have studied various metalsmithing techniques over the course of my career in order to enhance my skills. The creative process involves taking the raw materials of precious metal sheet and wire and semi-precious stones and creating works that reflect contrast; soft embracing hard, finished and polished with the raw and uncut - always in balance in the final piece. The beauty of each natural part speaks of how it will be transformed into wearable art. I hope that you enjoy each of my one of a kind work and will venture to see more in upcoming shows, on line or a private visit to the studio.