Niloufar Farzam

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Neighborhood: East Bay

My paintings are an amalgam to the essential questions of life, "Who am I? Why am I here? What is this life about? How can I contribute to this world?" They are also a tribute to my cultural upbringing and emotional crosscurrents of my life. I have been drawing and painting figures since childhood and I still do. My figurative art retains strong reference to the reality of my own life and thoughts, feelings and identity. My thoughts and feelings created my life and I identified with them.

In 2014, I started working in an abstract expressionist style. I give permission to my creative self, and my paintings develop in their own way and materialize. The paint takes charge and I take a role of vessel. This is not without conscious thought or intention. It is indeed the consciousness itself. I am allowing the whatever I am attached to leave, especially the thought of "I," "me" or "mine." I go beyond ego, and let I AM which is consciousness itself, emerge. Through opening myself to the emerging consciousness, I bring awareness to "Who I AM", "Why I AM here" and "What is this life about?"

In the end, all the intangible things transform in myself, into both my figurative and abstract artwork. When I paint or draw, I bathe my head in the unknown and explore the unexplored, beyond all common sense! I pursue life my own way. It is with this perception that I want to effect the quality of the viewer.

In my inner exploration, I have found that I deeply care about the state of the world the we all inhabit. Our world is facing the biggest environmental challenge has ever seen - that of Climate Change. Climate Change has already had observable effects on the environment. Climate Change is NOT a distant threat, it is happening now! My newest abstract expressionist painting series depicts the catastrophic impact on our planet that our leaders are not taking seriously.