Nathalie Whisman

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(415) 845-3833

Neighborhood: Fort Mason
Group Affiliation: General's Residence at Fort Mason

Who am I?
Why do I do what I do?
Why do I make things?
Why do I care?

I am an artist, a human, I have to make things. I care because I feel we need to express ourselves and interact with each other. We need to share.

I create. I bring ideas into form. Sculpture interacts with us because it is three-dimensional, it inhabits the same space we do. I need to bring ideas into being - that is the role of the artist - a recorder, a translator, a technician. 

The visual arts, as well music, mathematics, and dance, the written and spoken word are all forms of expression. We work with what and who is around us, and also from what is within. 

When I create I am alive, I am part of... I feel that art touches us in ways that bring us home, it feels familiar. It is a language unto itself. It is viewed, felt and interpreted differently by each of us, yet binds us all. 

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