Myrna Ehrlich

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Neighborhood: South Bay

Myrna likes to explore what she does not understand. She’s constantly dabbling in one thing or another, from woodworking, to wire sculptures, to printmaking. She was trained as a software engineer, but has always created art on the side. When her kids were small she created all kinds of things for them: cardboard box haunted house mazes, fruit-stamp art parties, bunny and car shaped cakes, jean jackets, leotards, and so on and so on. Her range is quite wide.
Over time, she said goodbye to the engineering world to focus on her art, and recently completed a Masters in Architecture at the California College of the Arts. To her family’s relief, she is ready to start showing her new work, getting it out of the kitchen, the living room, every open space of the house, and into galleries, and maybe even your home.
For the 2021 Open Studios, she will be showing some sculptures, encaustics, collages, and poured acrylic paintings. Come say hi.