Michael MYKL Welch

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Neighborhood: South Bay

I have over three decades of professional experience in artistic expression via drawing, painting, sculpting, cartooning, illustrating and back to painting again. It all began growing up in an existential, draconian pentecostal home being told if I wasn't good my mother would go away without me and I would burn for an eternity in hell.

Cut to:

My kindergarten teacher sat the class in front of an easel with a large sheet of paper and tempura paint and told us to paint something, anything. I painted the entire sheet red. When she asked me to hurry up and finish it, I told her it was finished. Laughing at me, she asked what it was. I told her it was the end of the world and all you could see was fire.

She then ridiculed me and my art in front of the whole class.

An artist was born.