Michael Beckler

(510) 774-9157

Neighborhood: Mission

My pieces are colorful forms influenced by my interest in patterns, geometric shapes and shadows...graphic...yet free flowing...creating three dimensional feelings through the use of bright acrylic paints, epoxy, chunky textures, glass, paper, sand, nails, metal and smooth as felt finishes.

At first glance, the finished pieces may look arbitrary...for the most part they are and then again they are not......sort of a yin-yang art style.  Each piece or series first starts on paper, where each layer is planned & sketched. Then I experiment on smaller canvases (which I call "Test Strips") I let the flow of the mixtures, acrylic paints with different additives to either slow or accelerate the drying process, combined with the curing process of the epoxy to create different affects. Once I'm comfortable with the colors, textures and style, it is then created on panel. But because there is a lot of chemistry in my pieces  - even after all the planning - varying conditions always create interesting outcomes. It's these arbitrary outcomes that add interest of each piece.

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