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Group Affiliation: Studio Nocturne

I had always been drawn to the art of photography , but for a variety of reasons, I never picked up a camera until late in life. I was 64 years old when I started it, and since then I have not put the camera down.
I am attracted to all genres of the photography, but Wildlife and Nature are mostly what I am drawn to which takes me to a whole range of photographic opportunities. From Micro photography, to Landscape and Nightscape, I love doing them all.
Photographing the Landscape and the Cosmos at night, has its own many challenges, but also its huge rewards both in the form of the actual image, but perhaps more importantly, the serenity and the calm it brings with it when I am photographing at night... The long hours of the night, feels more like mere second to me , and before I know it, the night ends.
I feel a deep sense of urgency to capture the world around me, or to travel to the places I have always wanted to see, not just because I am getting up in age, but also that the world as we know it is changing so rapidly due to Climate Change.