Mark Nobriga

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(415) 279-0853

Neighborhood: Penninsula

My current work started as an effort to break free from self-imposed boundaries of representation and meaning. Instead of relying on faithful representations of images of the real world, this new work allows for spontaneity, invention, and freedom from the “treachery of images”.

Unexpected juxtapositions, ambiguity, the familiar and not familiar, form the core of my artwork. Starting without a fixed idea, I rely on improvised automatic drawing to initiate the work, allowing the subconscious to suggest clues to content. Utilizing scribbles, scrawls and doodles, every piece reveals new discoveries for me and imaginative artistic adventures.

I find inspiration in urban street art, Pop Art, and the surreal which come together in work that’s a medley of collaged maps, wrapping paper, sheet music, vintage illustrations, drawing, and painting. The stream of conscious and subconscious meanderings reveal humorous and intriguing images that recount shared human experience.


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