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Neighborhood: Richmond

My body of work reflects my latest explorations – of the deeper regions of my own psyche and also the world of abstraction.
My Portal series represents for me the very center of creating my paintings. It is the process of trying to achieve a landscape on which one's interior life can explore.
In my figurative work I access my imagination and dig deep inside of myself to excavate a figure that evokes emotion and has vitality. 
The figure emerges, disappears, and reappears - until finally I connect strongly with the image. From there, I build layers of paint, then dig back into them to reveal a texture or color underneath that adds beauty, depth, originality and elegance to the piece. 
A lot of my recent work has been about accessing the subconscious. 
It is the things that bring me inward that inspire me - rain, Dvorak's New World Symphony, Japanese incense and poetry. It is from that place that I create.