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cut paper, 1998 - The Story in Four Layers: The Yellow Layer: The protection spirit is sitting within the life cycle of creatures of nature, animals and mankind alike. He is holding the stick diagonally symbolizing protection. His pose represents a relaxed focus showing his self-confidence. The body tattoos symbolizes his initiation and points out his connection to the underworld. But body tattoos are also powerful statements of life. In their detailed ornaments one can read social status and personal characteristics. For the tribes in Melanesia, face tattoos are result of a life long preparation for death and for their spirits journey into the underworld. They suppose to scare evil away to secure a safe arrival of the soul. The Blue Layer: The water waves with its fish symbolizes fertility as the rhythm of the water symbolizes the continuous rhythm of nature. The Green Layer: Hidden underneath the water surface deep below human consciousness lays the crocodile awaiting represents the risks, the unforeseen and life & death. The Red Layer The blood colored background stands for life itself.